Logo Design

Your Logo is the window into the soul of your company


Naming your business and creating a logo is the first, and perhaps most difficult, step in building your brand.

Your logo will be your customer's first interaction with your company and will go on to define your business. It will set the stage for all future marketing efforts. A successful brand begins with a well designed logo and a stellar logo begins with options... Unsure where to start? Don't fret! I am a one woman naming machine with the detecting skills necessary to ferret out your innermost branding desires. Your vision is safe with me. 

Whether we realize it or not names and logos have an enormous effect on how we decide to spend our money. 

Color choice, typography, and imagery in logo design should be deceptively simple yet undeniably unique. It's a rather tricky line to walk, because the truth is that landing on an outstanding logo is exhaustive, trail-and-error-filled work! But if I've done my job well the name and logo you decide upon will feel as though it was always the right choice. The most memorable, effortless, and individual way to communicate the one-of-a-kind brand you are building. 



YOUR voice + your style + YOUR VISION = your brand 


Successful brands care about people, not branding. 

Branding is a holistic effort. It is the ongoing consideration of the common thread that binds every piece of your business together and the idea your consumers will connect with. It will shape the way others describe you and your business in your absence. Through a cohesive message, your business grows brand recognition, a stellar reputation, and a set of standards for your company to continually cultivate and hopefully surpass.

The value of your brand is only as good as the coherent and thoughtful message of quality you proclaim. It is defined by your customer service, attention to detail, and steadfast dedication to excellence. 

Together we can build you a beautiful brand founded on authenticity and human connection. By integrating design throughout every stage of the branding process I will work to translate what makes your business unique into an effective visual language. Whether your company is in the sprouting stage or already well established, consider the benefits of injecting some fresh creativity into it. It's a decision you won't regret.